What is Sabbath - May 24, 2024

Dear Hope Friends,
It was not until I learned that the baseball game was canceled that realized how nice a night at home sounded! Followed by a day at home -- without any particular place to be! Is this what Sabbath feels like -- I might have forgotten.

Many of YOU have expressed your appreciation and understanding that after an unexpected season of major fundraising and moving a church -- followed by a historic General Conference which required intense preparation and two weeks of all days meetings -- might require some recovery time. But I'm not a fan of slowing down. I LOVE to sleep and love to go. But slow time awake... that is harder for me.

I'm pretty darn good at not stealing things, not murdering people, and I consider myself lucky that I don't covet what other people have. I'm decent at the other commandments too - not having affairs or creating other gods and the like. But honoring Sabbath and keeping it holy!? That is not easy for me! And what is really meant by it? Is has to be more than not buying crafts or eating chicken sandwiches!

We're going to spend the next three weeks covering three spiritual practices that may help guide your summer, starting with the practice of Sabbath.
If you're in town join us for worship and community. If you're out of town, find a device, some coffee, and a porch/deck to worship online. 9:30 and 11:00 with Hope Kids at both services.

In It With You, Jennie

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