January 6, 2024 - When In Romans

I am still thrilled at all we accomplished in the final months of last year, all leading to our Christmas Eve services. On 12/24, we welcomed over 200 people to worship! It will still be several months before our building is ready for a grand opening, and likely that long to get our program and ministries fully running. Still we have opened the doors for good!
We have a space to gather and worship and livestream tomorrow. Worship is at 9am and 11am, with 11am streaming. We'll have child care during worship, and Hope Kids from 10-11am. (jr/sr high opps in the works!)
In worship we are going to dig into Romans, a book of the Bible and a letter written by Paul to the early church. These words have been used by the church more than any other new testament letter. In some cases, Romans has been used to justify sexism, homophobia, and anti-semitism. Digging in from another perspective, we'll undo this reading and consider the message present for us.
Tomorrow (January 7th), I'll share background information and go right into the first chapter of Romans. We won't ignore Romans 1:26-27 while we seek to understand what IS present there.

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