Grand Opening April 7

What a Great Week for Hope

After celebrating Resurrection last Sunday, we are taking a moment to give thanks to community and to God for Hope's new start in Bloomington-Normal!
First of all, I was blown away by the participation in our ribbon cutting on Thursday - thanks for everyone who came! Knowing that 4:30 in the afternoon is still the work day for many people, I was expecting about 35 people. I did not count, based on filled chairs there were well over 100 people. And Jason Kaiser's (one of our launch team members!) Pop Up Shop sold out! Community members, Chamber members, City Council Members Cody Hendrix and John Danenberger, our State Rep Sharon Chung, local United Methodist clergy, conference staff, and all kinds of Hope people were present. It was a fantastic celebration!!
Tomorrow we'll offer a Grand Opening worship! We are going to consecrate the space and our ministries in it. We'll hear from a number of Hope people. And, of course, there will be great music!
See you at 9:30 and 11 - online and in-person. It's one of those services you won't want to miss!

Hope Church Youth Group Starts April 7 - Tomorrow!! 7:00 - 8:30pm

All Junior and Senior High Welcome
All junior and senior high students are welcome! Please know they'll be a part of CREATING what this becomes!! In a year, even 6 months, I believe this group will look back with pride from our first meeting in April to something really important to the rhythm of their lives.
First -- I am so sorry people for whom this time doesn't work. I tried to research all the school and travel things in all the different districts, and it seemed like later on Sunday evening is a time that is mostly open - and I discovered it is when most of colleagues around the country and around town have found works. AND ALSO...we'll keep figuring it out together, so stay in communication
Second -- as soon as possible we'll work to offer separate things for older and younger students.
Third -- THIS SUNDAY: we'll meet each other, we'll consider a question or two about life, we'll find out youth interests and passions to inform the future, and then we'll go across the street for a Culver's treat.

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