November 5, 2023 Worship Online-Only

Dear Hope Church Friends and Family,
You Did It!!! We've said all along that our giving campaign was not about construction, it was about community and belonging and a place to share God's love. Yes, we'll be able to pay our construction bill which puts our building in compliance with codes. More than that you all communicated that we want to continue to connect with each other and serve the community!
In an ideal world our eviction from 1304 E Empire would not have occurred until the construction was completed at 1 Yount. We are not in an ideal world, and we do not yet know our start date in the new location. Once we do, we'll advertise it everywhere!!
Still, I encourage everyone to enjoy a few weeks of "volunteer appreciation" aka online-only worship, because soon we are going to need to lots of volunteer help. As soon as the contractors have completed their part, we'll need to paint and then move all our worship, education, and hospitality furniture and supplies into the space.
I believe there are still people who will give to the OPDG campaign, which will allow us to pay for paint (versus financing it) and perhaps carpeting, too (versus concrete floors).
Over 30 years of ministry, last Sunday is in my top 3 worship experiences -- maybe #1. THANK YOU!
P.S. Thank you is not enough for those who were able to work the rest of Sunday and Monday moving our possessions -- thank you!
How to Connect for Online Worship
Live at 11am on Sundays, On Demand Anytime After
  1. The App! Chat, Sign-In, and Give
    If you don't have the app, type Be Hope Church in your app store to download it. Watching through app allows all of us to have a conversation with each other. Even if you watch it another way, open the app to talk to each other!
  2. Facebook:
    Sometimes Facebook is glitchy on their end, if so check with another method.
  3. Our website:
  4. YouTube:
    YouTube tends to be more consistent than Facebook. If you watch from YouTube, you can chat and check-in via the app!
  5. Roku & Apple TV - just search for HopeChurch!
...A Reminder
Out of sight can be out of mind for our regular gifts. This week we paid our first mortgage bills, our first Ameren bill, and our first Metronet bill. Thank you for your recurring gifts to our boring-old-general-fund!
We have a forwarding order for our mail. If you are mailing a check it now goes to 1 Yount, Bloomington, IL 61704.
You can always give via the app or website.
....A Request
Several people have asked me if anyone is hosting a watch party on Sunday mornings. If you would like to do that, just let me know and I'll send out the info.

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