December 9 - We Need You Dec 10th

Dear Friends,
Last Friday our contractor got to a point that we could get in and work - saving thousands of dollars in labor! There were about 30 different Hope people who totalled about 225 hours of work (probably more)! In addition, our local IBEW donated the hours with 20 electricians and apprentices on Thursday, and plan to finish on Tuesday night!

Why in the world are we doing all this volunteer work in December!?

**It's because there is a strong possibility that we'll be in for a preview service December 17th (which would mean we get to celebrate Christmas Eve!)**

We won't know until Thursday or Friday of next week - so stay tuned! In order for that to be a possibility, we need to have a sanctuary! In order to have a sanctuary, we need paint and tech and carpeting and staging and chairs.

We Need You!
There is a group of very committed people who have given many hours this week, and could use some further support! Yes, I realize it is a little crazy and a little inconvenient to ask for volunteers in December. It's all part of Hope's story ...
Tomorrow, Sunday December 10th: 12:30 to 4:30, We Need:
- People to help move the chairs and stage back here
- People to stain boards
- People who are excellent with detailed painting (We would LOVE 3-5 people who would "adopt" all 5 bathrooms to paint from start to finish)
**Meet at 1 Yount at 12:30**

Thank you so much for sticking with us in the midst of this transition! We are so appreciative of this great congregation!

In It With You, Jennie

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