5 Ways to Find Glimmers of Hope...and more

5 Ways to Find Glimmers of Hope:
You may be very aware when a story, a song, a person, a conversation, or even a smell triggers a negative memory or makes you feel anxious or depressed. The same can happen in an opposite way with glimmers. Glimmers have been defined as those micro moments in your day that make you feel joy, peace, happiness or gratitude.
We're going to focus the beautiful month of September on 5 practical ways to find glimmers of hope for your life. This series is rooted in ancient Judeo-Christian practices of faith, with practical ways to engage these practices in your life today.
If you are out of town or traveling this Labor Day Weekend, I'll look for you online. I'll be there in person tomorrow morning!

Rooted in Hope/ New Member Class Starts Next Week
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Weekly Building Update:
Things are getting very real this week! On September 6th, Hope UMC will close on it's first piece of property! We become property owners!! (Or should we say mortgage-holders!)
If you are wondering how, we received a loan through our annual conference, from a special fund specifically for congregations who do not yet have equity.

Our new monthly mortgage + utilities is roughly equal to our current monthly rent, which includes utilities or about $4600/month. (Contrary to popular belief, commercials properties are not just given to churches).

Over roughly the next two months, our contractor will be completing the upgrade to fire safety protection being required by the city of Bloomington. In October, Hope will offer a building campaign to pay for these required upgrades -- ownership, amirite? More than that, we'll all be part of the generosity needed to Open the Doors for Good!

November will include a Hope Volunteer Blitz, getting the space ready to open for the Advent/Christmas Season! Our goal is to be in the space by the first Sunday in December. Given that we are dependent on contractor and supply chain timelines, that goal is not a promise.
I will update this section of the newsletter every week to keep you in the loop.

The photo is Jason Kaiser and Jake Kaminski taking out ceiling tiles in the section of the building that will be transformed into our sacred gathering space -- likely less florescent green when it becomes our sanctuary!

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