December 30 - Some Lists at the End of the Year

I hope you enjoy this post of lists as much I enjoyed creating it! Remember we are online-only tomorrow (honoring all those volunteers hours required to have Christmas Eve worship).
However, feel free to join the EBs at the ISU Women's Basketball Game as they take on the Bradley Braves today (Saturday) at 4pm at Redbird Arena! Jennie

Times for Stuff on January 7
(kind of an advertisement list)
1. Hope Kids from 10-11am
2. Worship at 9am and 11am
3. Coffee and Treats in the Gathering Place all morning
4. Streaming Online at 11am
5. MONDAY, JAN 8 6-7pm Bible Study with Jennie

Top Five Reasons I'm Excited About 1 Yount Over 1304 E Empire
1. Mail is delivered each day to an actual mailbox (as opposed to being randomly thrown on desks or tables around a shared building).
2. We can control the room temperature! (versus having either heat OR ac turned on, and about 10 times/year neither works)
3. We have a room just for hanging out! (and hospitality volunteers no longer have to carry scalding hot coffee around the building!)
4. It's all on One Level!! (no more elevator that "often" works!)
5. It's Ours!!

My Predictions for 2024
(barring crazy things out of our control like pandemics and looming evictions)
1. Our Children's Ministry will Connect with New Families and Expand Opportunities!
2. We'll Grow in Worship Attendance but Still Feel Intimate and Connected in the Sanctuary!
3. In Fall 2024, We'll Need to Add Ministries (worship service and/or groups and/or children's/youth!?)
4. Numbers of Interest and Study Groups Will Expand this Spring.
5. Laity (people in the congregation) Will Hear God's Call to Service in New Ways

Ways People Volunteered Above and Beyond in 2023
(stayed with 5 -- but could be 25 points long)
1. Delicious Food Always Appears!
2. 150 Chairs Moved Out of Old Sanctuary, Moved Into Storage, Moved Out of Storage, Moved Into New Sanctuary. (plus everything else we own)
3. Over 20 People Share Crazy Good Musical Giftedness!
4. An Entire Building Painted After Work by Amateurs in 10 Days (sometimes on scaffolding and very tall ladders!)
5. Hours and Hours Spent Daily for Months Finding Our New Home!

Ways God is Calling Us in 2024
(this does *not* all need to happen January 1 -- it's our work over the next 12 months)
1. To Listen for Our Unique Role in Serving the Marginalized and Offering Love in BloNo. (absolutely everyone!)
2. To Offer Consistent Children's and Youth Ministries (started by hiring an experienced Director with the skills to recruit and design programs.)
3. To Build Relationships with Our New Neighbors!
4. To Take Belonging and Caring for Each Other to the Next Level.
5. To Be a Community Learning to Live!

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