One Service 10/29/2023 10AM

More Details About 10/29/2023
9-10: Final Coffee Hour at Hope. This is your last chance to hang out in 1304 E. Empire, with good food and coffee!
10-11:15: One Worship Service Online and In-Person
  • We'll celebrate with lots of music - two original pieces!
  • We'll receive any Open the Doors for Good pledges and gifts to add to the total received/pledged to date and celebrate that number!
  • We celebrate all the goodness that has occurred at 1304 E. Empire
11:30-??: Moving "Party"
Okay, it's not really a party, but we do have to have everything out of the building no later than Tuesday. This week, two trailor loads have already been moved to our storage unit!
Consider joining the crew with Anish carefully tearing down/labeling tech
We'll also need chairs and desks moved into one of two box trucks.
After the box trucks are loaded, we'll need a crew to follow them to unload them.
I think it will go fairly quickly, with volunteers!

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