Spiritual Practices for Lent 2024

Dear Hope Church,
The season of Lent began on Wednesday. It is 40 Days of Spiritual Preparation for Easter. Whereas the spiritual preparation of Advent leading to Christmas gets intertwined with all the parties and celebrations of that season, Lent has remained largely a religious observance. It's a chance to say: "What do I want my spiritual life to be like?" "What spiritual practices will I start or re-start in order to draw deeper?"
Right now, Hope Church is offering 4 distinct spiritual practices:
  1. Group Conversation - Discuss the Sermon Between Services and/or Bible Study Mondays at 6pm
  2. Indiviudal Daily Devotion Sent Directly to Your App - A Question to Consider with a One Sentence Prayer
  3. Giving to the Community - Collection and Delivery of Bread to Home Sweet Home.
  4. Serving the Community - Training to Become a Certified Recovery Congregation
Each of these is Described in More Detail Below:
Theological Conversations with Others
Two Opportunities: Sundays @ 10am or Monday @ 6pm
Starting this Sunday and for 6 Weeks in Lent, I'll (Jennie) Host a Conversation Between Services (like 10:08am - 10:54am) on Sundays on the Message Theme.
On Mondays from 6-7pm Bible Study. This Monday we are going to talk about how different theologies approach Scripture from different angles.
Registration for Certified Recovery Congregation Training
Saturday March 9th 8:30am-11am
Our congregation has been invited to become a certified recovery congregation. We will be placed on a registry so those in recovery know that we are trained in a better understanding of recovery and mental health.
Our first training, provided through a state of Illinois grant, will take place on Saturday March 9th.
8:30-9:00 Gathering and Light Breakfast
9:00-9:45 Mental Health 101
9:45-10:00 Break
10:00-10:45 Substance Use Disorder
Register Here
Bread Delivery to HSH
Remember to bring loafs of sandwich bread for Home Sweet Home. it is used for daily lunch sandwiches for up to 70 people. If you are willing to deliver what is brought to church each week, please let Anna know at the welcome desk or email admin@behopechurch.org

Daily Devotions to Your App
A Question and One Sentence Prayer Each Morning

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