Who is Hope Church?

A place where absolutely everyone experiences God's love

Absolutely everyone. No asterisks. No buts. No contradictions. We believe that all people — regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, racial background, economic standing or stage of life —  can experience the inherent love of God. As a church, we strive for absolute authentic affirmation of all LGBTQIA+ people, and we are committed to learning to lead anti-racist lives.

A place of theological thought & conversation

Many who attend Hope are in the process of deconstructing and rebuilding the understandings of scripture and tradition that have been passed down to them. Because of this, we are committed to diving deep into theology, never shying away from the hard “Whys?” and “Hows?” and always honoring theological curiosity and biblical discourse. We are all in the process of learning together. It is through thought and conversation that we grow closer to one another and to the Divine.

A community learning to live Christ-centered lives

As with all sections of our Prayer Statement, there are no exhaustive checklists or universal step-by-step guides that we can follow to achieve a “Christ-centered Life”. It is an aspirational journey that we are all on together. As a community, we strive to authentically support and empower each other to go out into the world and do good.

A Timeline of Hope Church 

These past seven years have flown by! From day one, we as a church, have been committed to the creation of a space where all people can explore the intersection of Community, Divinity, and Self.  It is hard to summate the beautiful experiences and wonderful opportunities we have seen at Hope Church, but here are some key moments that have shaped us the most!