November 12, 2023

Dear Friends,
We're in the in-between, but we are so close! The anticipation of all-that-is-to-come is building! As we hear timelines from the contractors, we hesistate to put any hard and fast dates out there. However, as soon as we can determine volunteer availability (form below), we can get a sense of when we'll be ready to start Preview Services.

Preview Services allow us to figure out our rhythm so we are ready for a Grand Opening to welcome guests. They will be an opportunity not for "you to tell me" what needs to be done -- but for ALL of us to recognize how we are each called to radical hospitality as the body of Christ. They also give a chance to test everything - tech, coffee makers, flow of traffic, etc. What is working? What needs work? How am I part of the solution?

Personally, I can't wait!! October 29th was a celebration, not just of money, but of a group of people committed to working together to make this thing a thing!

P.S. Online worship tomorrow at 11am! App, Website, Roku, Youtube, Apple TV

Watch Party on Sunday November 19th 10:30-12:30

At the Freyman's Home: 2005 Benjamin Ln, Bloomington
Laura and Mike Freyman are graciously allowing their NFL TV to be an online church TV on Sunday November 19th!! (back to NFL after church, let's be real!)

You are welcome to arrive at 10:30, bring brunchy food or drink if you'd like.
It's just a chance to see each other and online-worship together in this in-between time!
If you have questions, feel free to text/call Laura: 309.824.5399

Volunteers Needed to Get 1 Yount Ready
A best estimate from our contractor is that they will have completed their work just before Thanksgiving. When they are cleaned up and out of there (we don't want to be in their way), we can get in to paint, run tech, flooring, and ultimately moving.

We believe we will be able to get in to get started on our work Sunday, November 26th.

By "we" - I really do mean those of us reading this email. This is the DIY prep that is saving us thousands and thousands of dollars. But it will take time to get everything completed.

There is a 1:1 correspondence in Volunteer investment: Preview Service Start Date

Are we looking at hard work from November 26-December 9, ready to start Dec 10?
Or, is it more a few hours here and there, leading to a January start date?

That is why it would be very helpful if you would fill out this volunteer availability form. We'll have a better sense of how long it will take to prep, paint, run tech, and move back in, when we understand how many people can help. - Volunteer Form Sign Up

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