December 3rd - The Advent We Actually Have

Dear Hope Friends and Family,
Today we start the season of Advent. It is the four weeks leading to Christmas, and also the start of the Christian year. This year we turn to the wisdom of Dr. Kate Bowler, who teaches us how to bless our actual lives - the good, the bad, the ugly.
Not only will we be talking about this in our online-worship (livestream at 11am, on demand any time), but I am inviting you into a daily practice with me leading to Christmas. We will use Bowler's resource:
The Advent We Actually Have Daily Devotion Opportunity
Every Weekday Evening 5:30-5:50
You don't have to be part of it every day, but if you'd like to participate at all, here is the zoom link: Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 833 1179 1383
Passcode: 861750.
I'll jump on Zoom wherever I am every weekday leading to Christmas at 5:30pm for a daily Advent devotional from Bowler's Bless the Advent We Actually Have resource. I look forward to connecting with others in this spiritual practice.
Building Update
We're getting closer friends! Those who volunteered to paint, have been invited to show up this week.
There is still some electrical work that needs to be completed (some of which is being donated by our own IBEW Local 197). As soon as everything is complete, our contractor will submit the occupancy permit to the city. We'll know when our next in-person worship service is as soon as we have that permit in hand. We really can't advertise a gathering date until we have that.
I'm still praying we get to worship together on Christmas Eve! It is not a given, but if we get to, you'll know as soon as we do, so you can invite everyone to our new building!
In It With You, Jennie

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