Open the Doors for Good

We are not called to construction, we are called to God. Our construction builds a place for God among us.

1. Our prayer statement guides us. Everything we do is about the vision in our Hope Church prayer statement.
2. Giving is a spiritual practice. Like prayer, worship, and daily reflection, giving is a practice where you acknowledge that everything comes from God, and God calls you to live generously.
3. God is God either way. God does not "need" our gifts, but we need them to help share God's love.
4. We want to help God change lives. We are called to God. This building can be a place where we share God's love and help God change lives.
5. Help God change lives. We want to help God change lives, so we want to OPEN THE DOORS FOR GOOD. Help provide whatever is needed to open those doors.

God calls us to live generously. We might think of giving and feel fear -- fear that we won't be secure, fear that we won't have enough, or fear about our self worth. But, when we know God, and give from a place of understanding, we can turn fear into faith. We can turn our gifts into a sacred song. Raise your voice.