Infants and Children

The Youngest of Us

Dancing toddlers, baby coos, and children's laughter are status quo for worship at Hope Church!

For those ages and stages and mornings when being a part of the service is not conducive to an atmosphere of worship, childcare is available!

Hope Kids!

Sunday 9:50-10:55 a.m. 

We are so incredibly excited to preview a dynamic, energy-filled children's ministry that promises to build a foundation of faith for our children that they can build upon for a lifetime...HOPE KIDS! This is more than a Sunday School program, but a space where every child is loved and respected for who they are. It is a strengths-based mindset that leads our volunteers to care for and guide our kids, aged 5-12 in Hope Kids and aged 3-4 in Hope Littles.
Each Sunday, you will pre-register your child(ren) so that we can be praying for them and awaiting thier arrival! (Even if you aren't positive you will for sure be attending, pre-register, just in case. This is keep our registration space clear and allow for a simple, yet secure walk-through check-in with no lines.
To show respect and care for those who have yet to be vaccinated, all volunteers and participants will be masked for Hope Kids Programs. Please bring a mask with you each week.

Hope Kids' experienced and thoroughly vetted volunteers will lead mixed-age groups through a series of stations each week and conclude with a time of reflection and prayer. (Preschool stations may vary from elementary stations.)

Drop-off is from 9:50-10:05am and your child's crew leader will dismiss them to you promptly at 10:55 just inside the glass doors.

If you have any questions, please never hesitate to reach out to Rev. Cara McMorris,  Associate Pastor.