Upon The Shoulders of Change

by Isaac Simmons on February 07, 2021

Upon the Shoulders of Change:
A Drag Queen's Prayer

Amanda Gorman, the national youth poet laureate that shook the nation awake at our presidential inauguration, asks two questions everyday. These questions shape her identity, her path, and every act she ever takes. As she looks in a mirror she inquires into her deepest soul, What do I stand for? And Who’s shoulders do I stand upon? 

Moses stood upon the shoulders of his weary and royal biological and adoptive mother. Moses stood upon the resilient shoulders of his midwives who disobeyed genocidal laws. He stood upon the tired and beaten shoulders of the enslaved and oppressed Israelites who came before him.

Standing upon the shoulders of a dark legacy, God called him forward towards a changing future, a future of collective Liberation

And yet, Moses hid. He hid from what he knew was right, denying his true being. He had heard the unrelenting Source of Justice calling. He had felt the unyielding Source of Equity nudging . He knew what he needed to do and yet he hid. It was not until he made the choice. The choice to act. To stand. and To speak that he was able to live more truly into the light of God.

I implore you my friends, Look into your deepest soul and ask, What do you stand for? And what Legacy do you stand upon?

I pray that we may all take some time today to breathe life into the Calls and Nudges that we feel within our beings.I pray that we may Take time to contemplate acting. For God, Christ, and the Church of common humanity are pointing towards a tomorrow, a tomorrow in which we all may thrive. How may you help move us there?


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