On The Move Together: A Drag Queen's Prayer

by Isaac Simmons on January 19, 2021

A Reflection on Penny's Prayer:

All bodies hold the ability to meditate upon the current reality, the hopeful future, and the unknown distance which dwells between the two. Today, a drag queen, by the name of Ms. Penny Cost, brings a word of hope for such a time as this. As we embark into the beginnings of a new year, a new presidency, and a new age of distanced connection, she reminds us that we are not alone. In times of low energy, in systems meant to tear us apart; the grace and love from the Divine, remains present.

When we take action for the other, we unbury a shard of heavenly peace. When we reach out in times of crisis, we unbar a well of holy goodness. When we move towards justice, we unshackle the power of splendid connection. 

Hope Church, we are on the move.

We are on the move together.

Tags: church, grace, normal, inclusive, affirming, hope church, bloomington, progressive, lgbt, anti-racist


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