June 4, 2021

by Jennie Edwards Bertrand on June 04, 2021

In The Loop

June, 4 2021

Welcome to our *new* weekly church blog, In the Loop! 

Links to this blog will be emailed to you, posted on our Facebook Page, and made accessible at the top of our nifty *newly renovated* website at the beginning of each week! On this blog, you will find all of the updates, communications and need-to-know information about all of our church happenings from yours truly: Jennie!  When you hear someone say, “I’m just not in the loop of what’s going on at church”, send them here!

As I prepare to share what’s happening at Hope, I’m keenly aware that right now my Facebook newsfeed is filled with basically two things:

1. Pride Celebrations/LGBTQ+ Education

2. Images of United Methodist Clergy Friends Moving (not me!)

Pride may be particular to the month of June; however Hope Church seeks to celebrate the divine in every single human during all twelve months of the year! Still, we do love a good party while supporting our larger community. Momma, (a.k.a. Jan Lancaster) the beloved owner of The Bistro, has invited Hope Church to help sponsor Bloomington’s Pride Fest on Saturday, June 26th from 4pm until the wee hours of the night. As a church, we will be making a donation to the cause, hosting a Hope Church tent, and volunteering to help provide security, too! (And I’m guessing you’ll see more than one Hope person in drag!)

Pride Fest Sign Up

( )   -

When can you volunteer at Hope's Tent?

To Volunteer in other capacities at Pride: Click Here

So, what does clergy moving have to do with us? No, neither Cara nor I are moving! I’m seeing this in my news feed because, in the Methodist Church, clergy receive updated appointments in the spring, move to their new churches in June, and officially start in their new capacities on the 1st of July. Most clergy only stay in a congregation for about five years, so this move happens many times for most of my colleagues. The photos of the moves are accompanied by a post articulating everything learned in the previous church, as well as, all that they anticipate learning.

Thank God I will not have to post about a new move or new start, but I do feel like I am preparing for a new congregation! In the past 18 months, Hope Church has changed and grown in ways that I don’t yet fully understand. Our online-only format has allowed us to meet people from all over the state, the country, and the world. This format has also allowed individuals, here in town, to get to know Hope Church without feeling the pressure of walking into a strange building for the first time.

The attention that Isaac has received as Ms. Penny Cost (an initially unwanted critique that has since moved to a beautiful affirmation and invitation of love from around the country) has brought Hope Church to the forefront of progressive faith leadership within the UMC in new ways as well! While we do not fully understand what this will mean for our church, we are preparing for an expansion of our systems of care in order to support our soon to be larger congregation.

My task list is filled to the brim as we plan for the summer and prepare for the fall!

Important information for you:

- Sunday June 27, 11:00 am: Outdoor worship and concert with My Anchor Holds and lunch!

- Sunday July 25, 11:00 am: Outdoor worship with our brand new worship director, Nander Novaes

- TBD in August: Several weeks of Sunday “preview services”. All are welcome to them, understanding they are kind of like a dress rehearsal or business soft launch, to make certain our volunteers and staff are trained and ready, giving us a chance to work out all of the kinks

- Sunday September 12th: Hope Church Launches In-Person for the Whole Community!! Multiple worship services, including online, new children’s ministry, new opportunities for growth and connection!!!

I am proud of you all to June and back again!



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