June 18, 2021

by Jennie Edwards Bertrand on June 18, 2021

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June, 18 2021

Making Juneteenth a federal holiday does not solve systemic racism any more than the Emancipation Proclamation ended all slavery; however, it does create space for a different level of dialogue and moments of learning for our society as a whole.

On Thursday (June 17th), during an all-company Quarterly Report at Grant Thornton ( a nationally ranked audit, tax, and advisory firm that my husband Ryan works for), the majority of the time was given to expert historians to teach each and every employee about the experiences of enslaved individuals within Texas! I am grateful that my children, Van and Serina, will grow up celebrating this holiday and learning more of our country’s history: both of the good and of the bad. Our family will spend Saturday at the Children’s Museum in Indy where we will engage with child-friendly Juneteenth exhibits and conversations. I pray this learning will impact their present and their future actions.

One of the top values of Hope Church is “community learning”. We pray to create moments of learning every time we gather! What is it we will be learning, you might ask? We will be a community learning to live Christ-centered lives.

What does it mean to live a Christ-centered life? We can be sure it means calling racism a sin AND having the courage to name how we have personally and communally benefited by systems of racisms and sin throughout our lives.

We are currently working through a sermon series which uses the New Testament Professor Dr. Amy-Jill Levine’s research and perspective on The Sermon on the Mount. Over and over again, she points to how Jesus was not giving his followers a get-out-of-hell-to-do-list; Jesus instead, taught the community about the power they had within them, the power *we have* within us to create the kin-dom of heaven HERE.

It’s such an important learning for us as a community of faith! Thanks for joining us!!

Please don’t forget that next Saturday June 26th is PrideFest in Downtown Bloomington, 4pm – late.

Next Sunday, 27th at 11am is a Live In-Person Concert with My Anchor Holds in our parking lot. Bring you tent or umbrella for shade!

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