Groups help us live into our values of community, conversation, and learning.

Small Groups are communities of support that focus on a topic and learn to grow supporting one another. Anyone can host a Small Group, if they’re willing to gather some friends and lead a conversation. We focus on relationships, and we can help you find an inspiring curriculum or study guide.

Small Groups

Pint Theology led by Luke DeLong

The format is simple: beer, conversation, and faith. Pint Theology is an open group, so bring a friend and be ready to engage in conversation on varying social, religious, and philosophical beliefs as well as life experiences. Through examining the hard questions about faith, life, society and culture, the group will grow together as well as learn about their faith from one another.
Meeting: Tuesdays 6:30PM at the Destihl Brewery beginning October 3rd.
Luke DeLong:

“Uninvited” led by Tracy Warner

Sometimes life or society tells us we aren’t good enough. “Uninvited” reminds us that we were created in the image of God. The study is built around encouraging participants to let go of the things that remain out of their control and provides steps for processing hurt. It is created to overcome fears of feeling like outsiders and learning about being a part of a greater community.
Meeting: Thursdays 6:30-8:00PM at Tracy’s house.
Tracy Warner:

Thursday Night Breakdowns led by Anish Hermon

Join this group to dig deeper into the scripture and topics of worship the Thursday after each Hope Church service! Anish will receive notes and Scripture passages from each preacher for the week. He will arrange questions and discussion around the topics gone over in church. If you like to think more deeply about a topic covered on Sunday morning, this group is for you!
Meeting: Thursdays at 6:30PM at the Hope Office
Anish Hermon:

“What Remains?” led by Cara McMorris

When life causes us to question even just one of the core tenants of our faith, it can feel like a shaky tight-wire act to explore and discover what will always hold true for us. We are a group of women learning what it looks like to love God and love others in the midst of the big questions of our faith. While we would love to find answers about how we are called to live a life of worship and discipleship, we expect to find out together how we instead can live and grow in the midst of the questions. Together we will share life and faith as we discuss what foundational beliefs stand firm in light of the truths of our current experiences, and what beliefs from our past must be reexamined.
Meeting: Wednesdays 1-2:30 at Art Vortex Studio 101 W. Monroe Ste. 210, Bloomington
Cara McMorris:

Let’s Build a House! led by Roxy Twaddle

Do you love to work with your hands and help out your neighbors? Eric Swanson, Pastor at LeRoy First United Methodist Church, brought the three churches in LeRoy together to fund a Habitat for Humanity house in LeRoy! One Saturday per month throughout the duration of the build, this group will head over to LeRoy and assist in the building. We are incredibly excited to share this opportunity with our neighboring community. This group began in August and will continue to meet one Saturday a month until December. Let’s build a house!
Roxy Twaddle:


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