Small Groups

Small Groups are the very best way to connect and to grow in an intentional community of support. Anyone can host a Small Group if they’re willing to gather some friends and lead a conversation. We focus on relationships and we can help you find an inspiring curriculum or study guide.

Groups help us live into our values of community, conversation, and learning.

Our small groups typically run for 6 weeks. Pint Theology is every Tuesday night at the Bistro, ending June 25.

Our next round of small groups will be coming this summer! If you are interested in learning more about small groups, contact Cara at

Pint Theology 7-8pm @ The Bistro on Tuesdays

The format is simple: beer, conversation, and faith. Pint Theology is an open group, so bring a friend and be ready to engage in conversation on varying social, religious, and philosophical beliefs as well as life experiences. Through examining the hard questions about faith, life, society and culture, the group will grow together as well as learn about their faith from one another. (Must be 21 years old.)

Katrina Lain and Jen Tucker-Vinsel are hosting “Sunday Night Dinners” this summer, begining on June 23. Join Jen and Katrina for tasty food, great conversation, and a preview of Hope at the Movies!