Church Planting Wins

As Hope Church approaches its 2nd birthday, we’ve made some important steps forward. Not the least of which is implementation of a church management system with its own app and full integration into this website! If you come from a world that includes administrative support staff and IT people, I understand this seems more like a given than a thing to celebrate. In the church world communication through good use of technology falls into the “they don’t teach you this stuff in seminary” category and then lands squarely in the “other duties as assigned” task list J

I’m delighted that after watching hours of how-to videos and then tinkering around, like magic Roxy and I have created a website & a phone app where you can find out what is going on, sign-up for groups, check-in at worship, track your giving/give, access a church directory, and more. Having everyone’s information in an actual database beyond our cobbled together google drive spreadsheet is wonderful!  #churchplantingproblems #churchplantingwins

We may still run into a snag here and there, but we welcome you to begin using these resources. Maybe you want to sign-up for the new Hope Academy course “Wesleyan Way” to invest 8-weeks learning more about your faith, especially more about the Methodist spiritual perspective of grace and accountability? You can go to groups, you’ll learn Tom and Karen McClure have agreed to host, Rev. Keith Zimmerman is leading it (our preacher from Sunday), and it starts on Feb. 9th. Then you can fill out the form and we’ll know you’re interested!

Or you want to officially partner with Hope Church on February 7th? What’s that even mean? You can click on the Pizza with the Pastor link and sign-up to find out more this Sunday immediately following worship.

To download the Hope Church app for either Apple or Android, search Elexio My Church, and then enter our website: Maybe you’re not a smartphone user, you are welcome to click on the My Church tab on, and there you can enter the same My Church database as is available through the app (it’s the same password as the app, if you have set that up.)

And I’m always happy with old fashioned phone calls or face to face conversations! Feel free to call or text me anytime: 309.530.0800.

See you at church on Sunday!



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